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We have the solution for overcoming architectural barriers

No more problems with stairs or multilevel surfaces. We all have the right to lead a normal life.
Ascensor unifamiliar para casas y comercios de varias plantas
Elevadores verticales Salvaescaleras
Silla Salvaescaleras Interior
Plataformas Salvaescaleras
Montacargas Salvaescaleras

Home Elevators

Home elevators provide free mobility throughout the building, with minimal energy consumption and the ability to withstand heavy loads.

Vertical Lifts

Vertical lifts are equipped with a safety system that ensures that users are transported properly both in wheelchairs and in a standing position.

Stair Lifts

Quickly installed and requiring no construction, stair lifts can be fit to any type of straight or curved staircase and are mounted directly to the steps via a rail system.

Platform Stair Lifts

As they’re foldable, platform stair lifts take up very little space and can be installed on all types of straight and curved staircases.

Freight Elevators

This lifting solution is used to raise and lower goods between different floors of the same building.

Ascensor unifamiliar para casas y comercios de varias plantas

Ascensores Unifamiliares

Elevadores verticales Salvaescaleras

Elevadores Verticales

Silla Salvaescaleras Interior

Sillas Salvaescaleras

Plataformas Salvaescaleras

Plataformas Salvaescaleras

Montacargas Salvaescaleras


Say goodbye to pain and obstacles
there’s no need to suffer

One of the main problems affecting mobility in a home or building are stairs. They cause knee and hip pain, in addition to constituting a major cause of accidents, which always have consequences.

Don’t put yourself at risk—there’s no need. Nowadays, we have the best technologies at our disposal to overcome obstacles, at an affordable price for every budget.

Giving you your autonomy and independence is our top priority

Our stair lifts, home elevators and platform lifts adapt your building so that architectural barriers no longer pose a problem, giving you the freedom and independence you need.


Our goal: your satisfaction and improved quality of life.


Technical service and guaranteed urgent maintenance.


No-obligation quotes, and up to 5-year financing.

Personalized attention

Our customized care ensures that you feel right at home—just as it should be.

Just another household appliance

An electrical appliance is no more than a robot that makes your life easier, and that’s what we offer you: a specific electrical appliance for each need.

We’ll study your case and the particular characteristics of the building to provide you with the optimal solution to your problem.



  • Very nice and very clean when installing the equipment. Everything was cleaned up and I saw them very professional. I recomend them.

    María Lopez
    María Lopez
  • My father lost mobility and the chair has made it much easier for us to move from floor to floor in our house. I consulted with OnLevel and they made everything very easy for us. Enchanted with the service.

    Mariona Garrido
    Mariona Garrido
  • I called them and since they answered me I felt that I was talking to the right company. They helped me throughout the financing process. Now I can move through the floors without waiting for my caregiver.

    Fabián Boada
    Fabián Boada

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