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OnLevel is a Spanish company committed

To innovation and to the development of products and exclusive, functional solutions for improving independence in the home.

We’re experts

With a continued focus on learning and paying special attention to our customers’ needs, OnLevel has become a leading company specializing in the sale, installation, and maintenance of elevators, freight elevators, and stair and platform lifts.

Architectural barriers, such as stairs and uneven surfaces, place limitations on people with reduced mobility, heart problems, and/or worn-out joints, among other issues. We’re fully committed to improving our customers’ quality of life; advising them in their homes, we thoroughly examine the conditions that prevent them from moving freely to recommend the best particular option for them.

Why choose us?

Affordable prices and financing

Although they may seem like luxury items, our products are basic necessities. Therefore, we help you finance your purchase to make the payment process more convenient for you and to ensure you no longer suffer from the problem posed by stairs in your home. We want you to feel good about yourself by gaining the independence you desire.

-Affordable prices
-5-year financing


The design of our products ensures your safety, by means of seat belts and obstacle sensors.

Product quality and safety are tested during both the production and installation phases, guaranteeing the perfect condition of the product.

Quality and warranty

We work with the best manufacturers, prioritizing the quality of the materials used and the safety of the products assembled, with each product subjected to strict quality controls.

As our assemblers are qualified professionals who receive continuous training, the installation and maintenance of our products are in the best hands.

Products come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

After-sales service

After-sales service and fast, effective maintenance to give you complete peace of mind.

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* As an official distributor, we can offer you the best prices in Barcelona, Madrid, Vizcaya and Cantabria.

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